Technical Specifications

Total Light Transmittance: ON>80% OFF >50% Haze: ON <8% OFF >90% UV Absorption Index >99% IR Absorption Index >80% OFF Minimum Privacy Distance: 1 inch (switch off) Operating Temperature: -4 to 158 (Fahrenheit) Storage Temperature: <30, humidity < 85% Driving Voltage: <48VAC – 75VAC Current: <0.1A Frequency: 50/60Hz Energy Consumption: <0.5W/sqft ON Viewing Angle: >Continue reading “Technical Specifications”

Industrial Evolution

In 1990–1995 period, the PDLC field has been the subject of an early progress, predominantly by few worldwide licensees mentioned in the Introduction. However, in this period, due to unrealistic strategies, overestimated market forecasts and high price issues, the global PDLC market did not grow according to expectations. During 1995–2002 period, due to patent disputesContinue reading “Industrial Evolution”

History: Smart Glass PDLC

Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) belongs to a class of electrically, photonically and thermally activated technologies referred to as ‘Smart Glass’.  These technologies mainly include PDLC, suspended particle device (SPD), electrochromic (EC), thermochromic (TC), photochromic (PC), thermotropic (TT) and few other (micro-blinds and nanocrystals) technologies.  The PDLC technology had been invented during 1980s by two independentContinue reading “History: Smart Glass PDLC”

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