Tesla Glass:  Technical Specifications
Total Light Transmittance:  ON>76% OFF >50%

Haze: ON <8% OFF >90%

UV Absorption Index >99%

IR Absorption Index >80% OFF

Minimum Privacy Distance: 3cm (switch off)

Operating Temperature:  -4 to 158 (Fahrenheit)

Storage Temperature: <30, humidty < 85%

Driving Voltage: <60VAC

Current: <0.1A/sq

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Energy Consumption: <5W/sqm ON

Viewing Angle: > 140

Rate of Anti-UV: > 98%

Reponse Time: <40ms

Working life: >50,000 hours

Switching times: > 80,000,000

Sound insulation: .35 dB

Product life: Over 10 years if used indoors

David Leeds

David Leeds is the Founder of Tesla Glass LLC and helps people install and use Tesla Glass on existing windows.  If you're interested in Tesla Glass then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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