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Apply custom made Tesla Glass Smart Film to your existing windows to provide voice activated privacy with a simple “View On” or “View Off” command. When a voltage is applied, the polymers transition in a manner that appear visually clear to the user. In off mode, the polymers disperse and form the opaque frost view. Teslaglass.com, founded in Honolulu, Hawaii was created to advance smart window technology. Currently, Tesla Glass is in the first generation and the best use is for storefronts, offices, skylights, privacy from neighbors, and bathrooms.


  • Total Light Transmittance: ON>80% OFF >50%
  • Haze: ON <8% OFF >90%
  • UV Absorption Index >99%
  • IR Absorption Index >80% OFF
  • Minimum Privacy Distance: 1 inch (switch off)
  • Operating Temperature: -4 to 158 (Fahrenheit)
  • Storage Temperature: <30, humidity < 85%
  • Driving Voltage: <48VAC - 75VAC
  • Current: <0.1A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Energy Consumption: <0.5W/sqft ON
  • Viewing Angle: > 140
  • Rate of Anti-UV: > 98%
  • Response Time: <40ms
  • Working life: >50,000 hours
  • Switching times: > 80,000,000
  • Sound insulation: .35 dB
  • Maximum input power: 35W
  • Maximum cutting size: 4’10” width x 12’ height
  • Power Transformer: 1x100W Transformer per each 100 sqft area
  • Product life: Over 10 years if used indoors

Tesla Glass is built to last at least 10 years indoors and has a 1 year limited warranty from manufacturer defects. Third party electronics come with an additional manufactures warranty. Tesla Glass has an operating temperature range of -4 to 158 Fahrenheit. Energy consumption is less than 0.5Watts per sqft when powered (ON) in clear mode.

Basic Tesla Glass Electrical Setup Overview: